Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Customer Q&A

Thank you. I'm interested in doing this project. Though I have some questions and want to do a touch more research. 

I'm a bit concerned about humidity in the home. Can you speak to the product and "sealed" attic and how it may relate to humidity in the home. 

It should require a little less AC than required today, right?  But I already have AC In place. If AC runs less it may increase humidity?  I wonder if you have any information about this. Or opinion. 
This is theoretically correct, and could be an issue although likelihood is low.  Essentially, the attic becomes part of the AC home and the efficiencies of the Icynene would allow for 1 HVAC to cover 800-900 Sq. Ft.  Retrofit homes such as yours may be “oversized”.  To offset this potential if you own variable speed units, these units will work at their lower speed and longer which will service to de-humidify the entire home and attic.   A post application test may be done to evaluate the relative humidity of the attic.  My experience so far is very few homes have this issue as most of the homes are leaky in other areas

Please keep me in loop of conversation.

I'll reach out to my AC contractor for their opinion. We've added window tinting on north and south windows of the home - this in theory makes the home more efficient too. 

I'd like to do the project. I'm a little concerned that I'm "over air conditioned" in the home. I know reducing humidity makes it feel cooler; and AC's running longer reduce humidity. I'll ask AC people to measure the home and give me recommendation for AC. 

Any help or advice regarding these concerns would be appreciated.