Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Riding the wave of clean energy...

Living green is fast becoming a top priority for homeowners across the U.S.  The increase in requests by homeowners who are becoming knowledgeable in what energy efficient products are available has seen more builders and architects readily offer these services.
Production home builders are also offering homeowners the potential to create an efficient home by including the specifications of green products such as insulation. Spray foam insulation is quickly becoming the number one choice amongst the top production home builders across the country due to its multiple benefits.
Specifying spray foam insulation into a production home, allows homeowners to save on their heating and cooling costs each month and over the long-term this can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Combined with other green technologies such as low flow water products, Energy Star rated appliances and occupancy sensors, homeowners can live green all year round.
The U.S Green Building Council has created a comprehensive Green Home Guide website which offers homeowners a myriad of tips and information about green living. This website is a fantastic resource that offers homeowners the opportunity to ask questions unique to their situation, find professionals that offer ‘green services’ within their local area as well as check out any programs that they may be eligible for.
Production home builders including specifications for spray foam insulationalso combine the modern material with other systems. Speaking to your local production home builder will help provide insight into how your clients can live green.
Contibuted by: Icynene Corp

Monday, May 20, 2013

Build Right.. Insulate Tight.

When is more not better, but worse?  
      In a vented attic where conventional insulation commonly referred to as Batt or Blown-in Fiberglass the story is all about R-Value.  The higher the R value the slower the transfer of those hot molecules to the cool side.  R does not stop the transfer, merely slows its transfer.  The venting is designed to allow the heat to escape, as beside their tendency to move form hot to cold, heat rises.  As this transfer occurs the attic actually can reduce its heat load and stabilize for example at 130* on a hot summer day.  If someone decides to add a lot more of this same insulation to an attic without proper care they risk creating a hotter attic space with an inadequate ability to naturally vent.
The new stabilized temperature rises and the risks of sweating ducts increases and with moisture and heat we play with a mold or mildew occurrence.

Application of spray foam is certainly more expensive than conventional insulation.  In some retrofit cases, a proper application is not achievable; Therma Seal(TM) has within it scopes of expertise, other plausible solutions for preventing assembly heat gain.

Therma Seal(TM) Insulation Systems has the experience of building science and the application of both spray and injection foam products.  Their focus is driven to provide sustainable energy solutions.  Therma Seal(TM) is the team to consult for options to improve your quality of comfort and add real value to all your property.  As registered providers for both FPL and Progress Energy they will support you with both the education behind choices and knowledge of rebates and other energy incentives.

Therma Seal is licensed, insured and experienced to provide you with valuable information and top quality service from start to finish.  As a customer focused and solution driven company we ask you to schedule a consultation and free estimate today by calling  (561) 775.9703 and please visit us at www.thermaseal.net  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beyond the ceiling...Smart Insulation


The added benefit is lower cooling and heating costs by using material which not only slows heat transfer (R-Value) but stops air flow out of the home.
During Florida's blazing summer the heat gain to a home without a proper insulated assembly is tremendous.

As Florida homeowners, we are well versed in the heat and humidity effects on our comfort in this beautiful and tropical surrounding.  The correct insulation system helps to protect our home in windstorms, while drastically lowering our indoor humidity level and all while saving us $$$ each and every day.

I use "insulation system" with the purpose to share a quick lesson in building science. If we use an Air Barrier insulation product (Icynene) to provide an unvented air barrier envelope over our conditioned home, we stop the conditioned air leakage which easily escapes through minuscule passageways.  40% of lost energy costs in the average U.S. home is due to air leakage.
Therma Seal(TM)  provides these solutions to your home or building. A properly sealed home will cool quickly and retain that coolness for a long time. 
                The HVAC systems do not operate within a 140* attic space, working in overdrive.
                The lack of introduced humidity to the home offers a dryer and more comfortable environment.
                The air quality is improved and without humidity and heat the chances of mold/mildew drop to zero.