Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Unique spray foam insulation application in Florida for commercial site

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Overlooking grand gardens and an impressive fountain, the monumental Pegasus and Dragon statue in Pegasus Park at Gulfstream Park celebrates the contributions that horses have made to human civilization.

The large equine and dragon sculpture sits in a new entertainment precinct primarily aimed at families. The $30 million bronze statue stands more than 100 feet tall atop of a domed building that will eventually house a 5D movie theater, pony rides, carousel and a musical light show that rivals those of Las Vegas. 
Pegasus Park in Florida has been insulated with sprayed-in foam from Icynene

A Florida-based Icynene dealer was brought onboard to help insulate the enormous structure’s domed building. Working in collaboration with architects, engineers and the park  management, the spray foam application team recommended using low-VOC Icynene ProSeal closed cell spray foam insulation. Featuring an R-value of R7.1 per inch, Icynene ProSeal is a high performance spray foam insulation that is a Class II vapor retarder at 1.5” thickness. The flexibility of Icynene spray foam insulation ensures that the dome is both well insulated and air-sealed for optimal year round performance, regardless of the curvature and shape of the roof.

Curved / domed roof spray foam application featuring Icynene insulation
The experienced and licensed spray foam crews covered the 5,600 sq ft. domed roof with 4.25” of Icynene ProSeal to achieve R30. 

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